Going into 2021, cybercrime analysts expect the damage of malicious attacks to reach $6 trillion during the year.

The massive expansion of cyber-attacks globally requires businesses and individuals to rely on only the most advanced data protection companies. Safeguarding sensitive information for both companies and individuals seems crucial as we go through a cybercrime pandemic.

Sensible cyber security should cover as many hacker approaches as possible – phishing, malware, ransomware, social engineering, data leakage, network breaches, system compromising, and more.

To give you a head start, here’s a list of 10 all-around antivirus enterprises.


(Paid, $49/$34.99 per year)

Acronis offers three main types of data protection software, covering service providers, businesses, and individuals’ networks. The array of cyber protection features on each subscription plan is exquisite.

In addition to the standard anti-malware and antivirus protection, you get powerful security integrations, fail-safe patching, forensic backups, continuous information protection, global threat monitoring, smart alerts, zero downtime guarantee, and more at an optimized cost.

Acronis specializes in next-gen cyber security, reliable data recovery, and integrated protection management.

Users can choose from customized protection plans and guard all of their devices with a single subscription. The software’s interface is intuitive and efficient, designed to be user-friendly, and react to every possible cyber threat on the spot.


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Sapphire is a colossus of security integration, with extensive experience and modern protection solutions.

Its software strives to protect its users’ data, assets, and infrastructure to a maximum extent. Sapphire’s Cloud Access Security Broker lets businesses use cloud applications to guarantee control over all data processes.

The Data Leakage Prevention security services determine how to process important information across the whole business network, both on-site and remotely. With Sapphire, users can track, supervise, and control essential data with minimal risk of a data breach in their organization.


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Absolute is embedded in over 500 million devices worldwide, making it a standard in security resilience.

Their security software provides real-time protection and visibility to all protected devices, data, apps, and users, both on and off company networks.

The company strives to ensure endpoint controls are available and functional at all times. With them, you can pinpoint dark or broken endpoints, respond to potential threats, and quickly negate all gaps in your security systems.


($24.95/$24.97/$32.47/$39.97 per year/2 years)

McAfee is among the genuine old-school data protection companies, founded way back in 1987.

Businesses can use their safeguarding capabilities to protect clouds, computers, endpoints, and whole networks from malicious threats via multi-faceted privacy solutions.

As for enterprises, McAfee offers data protection, cloud security services, and endpoint security.

Individuals can benefit from customizable plans to ensure the protection of single or numerous devices. McAfee also offers on-the-go Secure Wi-Fi to keep your browsing private at all times, wherever you are.


($35.24/$47.40/$71.70 per year)

TotalAV is an award-winning antivirus, with over 10 million users globally.

It offers multi-level cyber protection, with an excellent detection rate. It protects devices and networks from malware, viruses, ransomware, spyware, phishing attacks, and more in real-time.

Subscription includes VPN, Firewall, and data breach monitoring. You can also schedule scans of your entire system, enhance device performance, and secure all of your mobile devices.

You can free up disc space with Disc Cleaner, optimize tools with System Tune-Up, activate AdBlocker, and use a Secure Password Vault.

NetMotion Software

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NetMotion Software offers mobile performance management and data traffic organization solutions to keep vital business applications, hybrid networks, and mobile devices functioning and secure.

Its main aim is to ensure greater visibility into mobile networks and guarantee secure remote access without the approach’s typical challenges.


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Centrify is a cornerstone to Privileged Access Management (PAM), with its Identity-Centric approach.

One of the pioneering data protection companies implementing Zero-Trust principles to enhance data management of privileged identities across a diverse environment. Their capabilities extend to hosting systems in IaaS environments (Microsoft Azure, AWS), and the first PAM-as-a-Service offering – a unique multi-tenant, cloud architecture platform.

Their paramount cyber protection quality lies in “teaching” servers to self-defend against cyber-attacks across the whole enterprise’s infrastructure.


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With over two decades of experience, CyberArk focuses on privileged access security to eliminate cyber threats at their core.

The cyber security company uses an application access manager, endpoint privilege manager, and a password vault to protect your most valuable data to the fullest.

The Alero software enables secure remote vendor access to your most sensitive IT assets. You won’t need VPNs, additional passwords, or agents. Alero benefits from Zero Trust access, a bio-metric multi-factor authentication, real-time provisioning, and enhanced visibility to form a single SaaS solution for vendors.

With CyberArk’s core privileged access security, users can manage privileged accounts and monitor sessions to nullify risky activities across on-site, cloud, and hybrid environments. This approach adds full task automation and enhances the functionality of your enterprise.


(Free/$39.99/$59.99 per year)

Avast is incredibly popular among users all around the world, thanks to its free version. That’s no surprise as the software ranks excellently in third-party lab testing.

Additionally, it suits casual users with an anti-spam email feature and a gamer mode to keep you in the zone while facing your opponents.

Avast offers protection against viruses, malware, phishing, ransomware, spyware, and more to extend its service list.

It scans any Wi-Fi for potential security weaknesses before connecting to it, secures your passwords, and adds an extra layer, especially against ransomware attacks.

The paid versions include fake website detectors, suspicious apps check, webcam spying check, automatic updates, Avast SecureLine VPN, Avast Cleanup Premium, and some more minor security features.


($33.96/$35,18/$58.26 per year)

With over 30 years of experience, Avira brings German security excellence to individual users and businesses worldwide.

Avira Prime blocks malware, ransomware, spyware, viruses, and other online threats in real-time. What is more, it encrypts all data traffic and even enables access to geo-restricted content.

Its password manager suggests, creates, and saves strong passwords on its own. Additionally, the System Speedup feature cleans and speeds up your device’s performance regularly.

To top it off, you can enable automatic software, apps, and driver updates to guarantee system security at all times.