Companies need an edge to stay competitive in general, but there are not many industries where the competition is as fierce as in online gambling as in India today. Companies have to step up their game when trying to provide the best gaming experience for their customers in this all-digital business. When the options are many and the rewards for exploring new casinos are plenty, the difficulty to achieve the goal of having returning customers in the casino is a difficult challenge.

Data-Driven Personalization

The same type of rewards, the same type of games, and the same payment methods are offered in most online casinos on the market today. In all honesty, there are not that many things that differentiate one casino from the other. When a player login to one casino, the experience inside will be more or less identical in the next. Here is where the data-driven approach comes into play. Not only online gambling, but the entertainment industry worldwide have also adopted a mobile-first approach, as most people turn to their mobile devices for online entertainment. Mobile devices have gone a long way, and companies utilize all the modern features to their benefit, collecting raw data and turning it into insightful information about their customer base.

Considering the advanced software used in this modern industry, casinos have the opportunity to collect an immense amount of information about the customer’s movements while online and playing with them.

In other words, for the daring companies, there is an opportunity to be innovative to capture the attention of casino players and have them return again and again. Successful companies use this information to create immersive and personalized experiences where each customer is presented with their personal preferences based on their activity in the casino. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is another area in which it is expected for online casinos to adapt to in due time, and it’s likely only a couple of years away from this happening on a large scale. The technology is not mature enough yet and it would require significant investments from the online casino companies.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VR (Virtual Reality) is one of the hottest trends in the entertainment industry right now, particularly in gaming. These games are not commonly found in an online casino, but rather video games and computer games. There is a lot of potential in VR and many new startups in India are targeting this industry. Virtual tourism is another area where VR helps recreating virtual museums, theatres, and stadiums. The way online casinos can utilize VR is by merging these two concepts of creating more immersive games and also building virtual casinos where the user can walk around, interact with other users and sit down at a table or slot machine and play their favorite games.

AR (Augmented Reality) is a technology that is much more mature and accessible today. An example that put AR on the mainstream radar is Pokemon GO which was extremely hyped back in 2016 where everyone was out in the streets battling and capturing different pokemon. There is a mismatch in AR and online casinos however which makes it unlikely that AR will ever be adapted into the online casino experience at any large or successful scale. However, it does make sense for traditional casinos to incorporate AR into their offering to create a mixed digital experience while visiting land-based casinos.