The implementation of the web UI faces increasingly complex tasks that require the use of increasingly sophisticated tools. Modern developers tend to utilise separate libraries for each task layer. Against the background of these changes, the Vue.js framework appeared and began to gain popularity.

Vue.js is a reactive framework that allows developing cool frontends for websites and even mobile applets using the JavaScript computerese.

It is a well-known term when it comes to the development of modern web applets. It is currently one of the newest cutting-edge technologies often mentioned in relation to Angular and React.js. Basically, this framework is similar to React.js, which is JavaScript. Vue.js, like React.js, is an open-source code library, but unlike React.js and Angular, it deals with compact file size. In fact, this framework is a combo of Angular and React.js. because it uses concepts such as directives and components to manage and visualize user frontends.

Why is Vue.js worth choosing?

Before you hire vue js developer, consider why it’s beneficial to use Vue.js in the projects. Here are several advantages of this framework:

  • Simplicity. The main idea of this framework is to achieve good results with minimal effort so that the user can code using just a few lines.
  • Integration. Specialists can integrate it into other frameworks, such as React, which allows them to customize the project according to their requirements. Thanks to the ease of integration, Vue.js is becoming a popular choice for web dev things.
  • User-friendly frontend. It will perfectly suit even for novice programmers.
  • Customization. This framework is a great tool for developers because all its features are easily accessible. This makes it easier to customize the applet to meet individual requirements.
  • Few constraints. Vue.js design proffers fewer constraints and more flexibility to complete a project.
  • Good documentation. Its documentation is constantly being improved and updated.

Vue.js Drawbacks

Despite the vantages of Vue.js, there are a few drawbacks. Stability remains a problem for Vue.js, for example. This means that the platform is great for personal drafts, but it should be used carefully for larger drafts where stability can lead to financial losses.

  • Lack of support for large drafts. Vue.js is a relatively new language that is not supported by a large community of active computer experts.
  • Future contenders. A small development team also means that a lack of active research can provide an opportunity for another new framework to engage the community. In this case, the development of the framework may slow down or even stagnate.
  • Language barriers. Some experts also consider language barriers as a potential problem. It must be noted that most of the coding is written in Chinese, which often makes it difficult for non-Chinese speakers to deal with Vue.js.
  • No plugins are available. Since Vue.js is still under development, there is no support for important plugins. This means that specialists have to switch to other languages for help.


All in all, Vue.js is a powerful tool for user frontend development. Its small size and customization options make it a great choice for specialists, banking app developers, for example. Most of its disadvantages can be easily fixed, allowing specialists to hope that this platform will continue improving in the future. Many developers consider Vue.js as one of the most promising frameworks at the moment, because it is flexible, works quickly, and is actively developing.