The popular  term “customer experience” is used to describe all of a customer’s interactions with a brand throughout the sales cycle. An essential element of focus for every department within a business, customer experience can make or break a brand’s image in its customers’ minds. Customer experience encompasses not just actions and consequences, but also feelings. How do your present and prospective consumers see your brand? Every consumer interaction might impact how your brand is perceived.

So why is customer experience so important? In a competitive landscape, customer  experiences have become an important differentiator. It not only allows customers to feel more connected to brands they buy from, but also builds a long lasting brand image in their minds.

As technology continues to advance and consumer behavior and demand shift, contact centres must  adapt to these ongoing changes and demands. Moreover, traditional operations and customer preferences  were greatly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, as purchasing habits of consumers and workforce methodologies became more tech-friendly.

Meeting customer needs in a cost-effective way has become increasingly challenging for businesses, and experimenting with new channels of communications without integrating them in a holistic marketing strategy could often lead to unpredictable results and KPIs. One of the few important ways of improving efficiency within business processes is to embrace new technologies and digitise workflows, including customer support. Odigo is a leading provider of Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solutions, offering a wide range of digital tools that allow businesses to provide exceptional customer experiences and streamline their customer support processes.

Odigo has developed state-of-the-art technology that is delivered via their CCaaS solutions,empowering organisations to enhance agent and customer experiences.

Odigo offers multi-channel connectivity, seamless service, customised experiences, among many its other key features. With their seamless services, agents can approach all customer interactions as part of a single, ongoing dialogue, so they do not have to repeat themselves to clients

Some of the current customer experience in the UK problems include keeping up with customers across many communication channels and accommodating employees who want to work from home, simultaneously. Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solutions may provide your contact centre the functionality it needs to stay competitive and keep your agents satisfied.

With Odigo you can now plan, deliver and analyse every step of a customer’s journey with its cloud-based solution to ensure a seamless and more personalised customer support for your business. Have you considered digitising your customer support ?