The hectic phase of the 2022 NFL offseason is finally over. Teams throughout the league have revamped their rosters in free agency and via the draft, with most teams ready.

Placing bets during the NFL football season can be a fun and successful exercise, especially if you put in the time and effort. Luckily, some experts handle the heavy job –– so all you have to do is read this page, and you will have a clearer grasp of how to bet on every NFL game, right from the preseason through the Super Bowl, whether you’re looking at live odds or conventional football betting lines.

Before establishing where to bet on the Super Bowl, you’ll need to understand different types of wagers in the NFL. The three common football wagers someone may place on an NFL game are on the point spread, moneyline or total. Let’s go down each of these betting types and how to understand the accompanying odds:

Point Spread

A point spread in football is a statistic created by odds specialists with bookmakers to provide an advantage or disadvantage depending on the predicted margin of win or defeat for a certain NFL club.

The “favorite” team would be disadvantaged as it would need to win the game by a specified number of points, while the “underdog” would be at an advantage to not lose by a specific number of points or to win outright.


The total in every NFL game is both teams’ expected final aggregate score. The total is predetermined by oddsmakers based on how they believe a game will go from a scoring viewpoint. As a bettor, you need to assess if the final score will go OVER or UNDER the predetermined total, and several elements need to be examined before placing this kind of bet.


An NFL moneyline bet is when you choose the team you think will win the game outright. This form of wager is typically termed a straight-up bet at the sportsbook since moneyline betting entails picking one team to win over the other.

Since there are often ability and talent gaps between the opponents, the odds come at a premium for the “favorite” as there’s less chance of losing the game to the “underdog.”

Other NFL bet types

NFL Futures

On potential outcomes by the end of the NFL season, bets on NFL futures are placed. Which side will win the Super Bowl is one of the most popular NFL futures wagers, but there are other markets besides just which team reaches the summit and triumphs.

Live betting

Live betting, otherwise known as in-play betting, is when you bet on a football game after it has started. For every drive, live odds and lines will be accessible, and practically every selection in the props section above is open to real-time betting. You may also place “outcome of drive” wagers on how a certain team will do on a particular drive, such as whether the quarterback will throw an interception, complete his subsequent pass, or if the team will score.

Player and Game Props

NFL prop bets are similar to a game within a game that many bettors play because they often have no bearing on how the matchup turns out.

The most common NFL prop bets at a sportsbook typically focus on individual performances and are calculated using the OVER/UNDER system.


A parlay is when a multiple bet is placed on one ticket, such as a moneyline, spread, and totals bet on various games. You would need to win every wager in your parlay in order to succeed.


NFL teaser bets are a way to change point spreads to the bettor’s advantage. Similar to a parlay, you would need all your bets to win to get your ticket; however, you can minimize the risk by changing the pre-set point spread or totals lines from sportsbooks.

The most common types of teasers are picking two or three teams and teasing NFL lines by 6, 6.5, or 7 points. Teasers usually start at 6 points and can go as high as 15 points, depending on the online sports betting site.