If you’ve ever spun video slots, you’ve probably won a few free spins as well. One of the main “attractions” in online slots, free spins are a great way to win your bets and earn cash without spending anything out of your pocket. You can either win them in a game whenever certain symbols align on the reels or get them as a part of an online casino offer. Either way, you’re golden.

Winning free spins in the game itself is pretty straightforward. You get them as a bonus, the round starts immediately and you hope for the best. However, things are a bit more complicated when it comes to the free spins offered by online casinos. Are they free at all or do they come with strings attached?

Are Free Spins Really Free?

Although you can find a free spins reward that comes for free, they are pretty rare. Deposit free spins are rarely on offer in most online casinos nowadays – most just include them in their welcome offers or offer a bunch of free spins when you make a deposit. Just like any bonus in an online casino, free spins come with wagering requirements you’ll need to complete before you cash your winnings out.

In-game free spins, on the other hand, are absolutely free. The bonus round they trigger ties into the theme of the game and offers explosive action with high payouts. That’s why it’s no wonder why in-game free spins are all the rage these days – they’re easy to claim and give players a great chance to win extra cash.

How Do I Know They’re Fair?

In online casinos, slots are controlled by something called RNG. Short for Random Number Generator, RNG’s ensures a fair and random outcome of the slot. Computerized numbers always follow a pattern – if this was the case with slots, they wouldn’t be fair at all. 

This is where the RNG comes in. Developers have built something called a seed deep in the RNG’s code that enables a randomized outcome of the numbers and makes slots fair. A casino has no control over RNG’s so you can bet that all the slots you play are random and fair. It goes the same for free spins as well. 

How Can I Earn Free Spins?

As mentioned, you can earn free spins in your favorite game by luck. You will most likely get 5, 10 or 15 or even more depending on the slot. Those are a given – the free spins you should pay attention to are those offered by an online casino. As mentioned, you might get them as part of the welcome package or when you make a deposit. We all love no deposit free spins, but they’re as rare as red diamonds. It goes without saying that should you find such an offer you should claim it without thinking twice.

If you want the latest free spins offers, all you need to do is pick a casino from the list and register. Head to the promo section and claim them all to get hundreds of chances to win even more extra cash.