When you think of ways to enhance the outcome of business or politics, you have many options. In many cases it’s a matter of communication. You must understand your audience’s needs to form the correct message or you may need companies like McKinstry Wireless to improve the communication between parties in your office building.

Playing a gaming app may seem like a waste of time to many in the important arenas of politics and business, but gaming might just be the way to win the hearts and minds of the younger generation who are less engaged with these sectors.

That’s exactly what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democratic congresswoman, did this past week. She played ‘Among Us’ – a popular mobile and PC mystery game – and invited people to join her. The games were streamed and AOC garnered over 4 million total views during the three hour session, with over 400,000 viewers watching at one stage. During the session, AOC used the opportunity to prompt viewers to vote in the U.S. election.

Among Us

If you’re not aware yet, Among Us is an online multiplayer murder mystery game. Each participant plays as a character, and in each game, some are allocated the role of ‘impostor’. The others must guess who the impostor is while trying to stay alive, since the impostor can kill off the other characters. The game isn’t new, but has grown in popularity during the pandemic.

AOC and Getting Voters’ Attention

This is not the first time AOC has used an alternative method of getting voters’ attention. She has played other games with people in the past and she also uses her Instagram account creatively. While someone can watch her put together furniture she slips in talk about politics, and people seem to love it.

For one thing, this original approach – performing tasks and using apps that millions of other Americans utilize on a daily basis – shows the politician’s human side, which is often what younger voters are looking for. Also, spending time with someone – even in a virtual setup – may lead to increased trust. This could influence political views or at least prompt people to heed what the politician is saying.

An Increase in Voter Interest

Of course, only numbers can prove if the ‘Among Us’ stunt really worked. While the real truth will only come out after the election taking place on November 3 2020, data shows that many visited iwillvote.com by being referred by Twitch – the live streaming platform AOC used.

Is this the future of politics? When one gaming app can draw over 400,000 viewers, giving you the chance to engage with them and share your message, modern communication opportunities can’t be ignored. For politicians and business owners, allocating some time for fun R&R in between stuffy meetings may be the key to connecting with team members or an audience – and the way to success.