LinkedIn is deepening AI integration across the platform, as internet companies continue to engage AI for providing added value to users and increase engagement times. The professional networking platform is integrating AI into its core offerings, aiming to revolutionize the way users search for jobs, craft applications, and develop new skills.

“On LinkedIn, we’ve observed a remarkable trend: a 5x increase year-over-year in the number of learners engaging with AI courses and content on LinkedIn. And these learners aren’t just early adopters, they’re coming from every industry and every role, from finance to fashion, from career starters to senior leaders. Globally, demand for AI talent is surging and has doubled over the last year, as companies seek to maintain a competitive edge,” Tomer Cohen Chief Product Officer at LinkedIn, wrote in a post. “To help professionals and employers thrive during these fast-changing times, we’ve been rolling out our own AI-powered enhancements, each designed to enable you to meet your aspirations by becoming more productive and successful.”

One of the most impactful changes involves the introduction of conversational job search. Traditionally, job seekers have relied on keyword-driven searches, often leading to overwhelming results. LinkedIn’s new approach allows premium members to utilize natural language to find relevant opportunities. Imagine simply stating: “Find me an engineering job in Texas that pays at least $110,000” instead of meticulously crafting keyword strings.

This conversational interface promises a more intuitive and efficient search experience, mimicking how we naturally communicate our job aspirations. Furthermore, LinkedIn is transforming its learning platform as well. Premium users enrolled in select LinkedIn Learning courses will have the opportunity to interact with an AI-powered chatbot trained by the course instructor. This pilot program allows users to ask questions and receive personalized coaching directly within the learning modules (imagine having the instructor readily available to answer your queries and clarify concepts, even outside of scheduled class times).

To add to this, LinkedIn is introducing AI-powered tools to streamline the application process, a phase notorious for being time-consuming and tedious. Premium users can leverage AI to optimize their resumes and cover letters for specific job openings. The platform analyzes existing resume content and LinkedIn profiles to suggest personalized edits and rewrites, ensuring applications are tailored to each position’s unique requirements. This goes beyond basic spell checks; AI can identify potential skills gaps based on job descriptions and recommend relevant LinkedIn Learning courses to bridge those gaps.

With the new AI-powered enhancements, conversational job search and AI-powered application optimization promise a more streamlined and personalized experience. Users can find relevant opportunities more easily and tailor their applications to specific positions, potentially increasing their chances of landing interviews. Furthermore, personalized coaching and targeted course recommendations can lead to faster skill acquisition and bridge skill gaps more effectively. LinkedIn also noted that it is bringing its AI-powered job experience to all of its Premium subscribers, while making Recruiter 2024 globally available in English.