With social media platforms increasing the number of sales channels that product companies can tap into, sales and pre-sales team are getting consumer data from all sorts of sources. And more often than not, all of this data is scattered and not standardised, making it difficult for sales teams to decipher insights and increase conversions. SiftHub, with its AI-powered SaaS platform, is looking to help teams beat those scattered data issues, and has received a $5.5Mn seed backing for the same.

The seed round was led by Matrix Partners India and Blume Ventures with participation from Neon Fund. Harshil and Shashank (Founders of RazorPay), Arvind Parthiban (Founder of SuperOps), Manish Jindal (ex-GM at Cloudflare), Andrew Johnston (Head of Sales at Superhuman), and several other angel investors also participated in this round.

With most consumers already aware of products, thanks to the numerous advertisements being served across social media, email and other online forms, sellers now need an in-depth product knowledge and easy access to proprietary company information to win new customers. Traditional sales tech stack does not support this foundational shift in the role of sales and presales teams, which is where SiftHub aims to come in. “By integrating GenAI with advanced workflow automation and collaborative capabilities, we’re providing an end-to-end solution for our users. From the moment the first information request is received to the closure of each sale with satisfactory responses, SiftHub will remain a trusted partner for sales organisations.”, adds Raisinghani.

“GenAI is not just a technology, it’s a revolution in productivity. It unlocks the ability to solve a legacy problem in a modern way improving efficiency by 80%.” said Manisha Raisinghani, founder of SiftHub. Raisinghani is a established name in the SaaS space, having co-founded SaaS upstart LogiNext, and is hence bringing her SaaS chops to the sales platform. This experience became an easy reason for investors to fund SiftHub with a substantial sum in seed itself, despite the fundraising downturn that Indian tech startups are witnessing. “SiftHub is Manisha’s second venture in the SaaS space. Armed with over a decade of entrepreneurial cross-border experience and an impressive track record, Manisha and her team are building a game-changing AI platform to transform the entire sales and presales process.”, says Sanjay Nath of Blume Ventures.

One-click integrations with workplace apps such as CRM, content repository, knowledgebase, and more allow SiftHub to bring all enterprise knowledge into a single, accessible hub. Its unified semantic search capabilities make it easy to find the right information at the right time without toggling between screens.