Apple’s ‘Vision Pro’ mixed reality headset may hit the markets much sooner than originally expected. A Bloomberg report reveals that the Cupertino-giant is fast-tracking production for its Vision Pro headset, with an anticipated launch slated for February of next year. The development marks Apple’s first foray into a new product category since the introduction of smartwatches in 2015.

The report states production of the Vision Pro is pacing ahead at full throttle in Chinese facilities, having maintained this pace for several weeks now. This acceleration aims to ensure that customer-bound units are ready for shipment by the end of January, setting the stage for a retail debut in February of 2024. To prepare for the impending launch, the Cupertino-headquartered behemoth seems to have actively engaged software developers. The company, in an email sent to the developers on Wednesday, has urged them to “get ready” for the Vision Pro, emphasizing the need to optimize applications for the mixed-reality environment.

The rollout of the Vision Pro poses unique challenges, making it Apple’s most complex product launch to date. Unlike previous launches, the headset’s customized components necessitate precision in assembly and packaging at the point of sale. Furthermore, ensuring a proper fit is paramount, as an incorrectly fitted headset could compromise content display and user comfort. To accommodate the Vision Pro and its diverse range of accessories, Apple is making substantial enhancements to its retail stores. These include new demonstration areas, additional storage space, and the provision of various-sized headbands and Light Seals.

Recognizing the intricacies involved in fitting the Vision Pro, Apple is conducting comprehensive training for its retail staff. Employees from each retail outlet are slated to undergo a two-day training program at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters. The training covers diverse aspects, ranging from the device’s functionality and key features to the delicate process of fitting the headset to users’ heads. The two-day sessions are practically round the corner, beginning the first week of January.

While the Vision Pro promises a groundbreaking mixed-reality experience, ethical and operational considerations come into play. The $3,500 headset, with a limited supply, is set for a controlled release in the US in the initial stages. Apple aims to ensure that customers purchase the correct headband size and Light Seal for optimal performance. To streamline the fitting process, Apple is developing an app capable of scanning customers’ heads to determine the appropriate headband and Light Seal. During sales, the retail employees will be charged with ensuring that the app’s recommendations are correct, according to reports.