Pretty much validating the rumours we have been hearing all around, Google has just dropped a teaser for the upcoming ‘Pixel Fold’. And quite uncanningly, used the popular ‘May Force be with you’ from StarTrek to announce the launch. The announcement though, seemed pretty subtle, only coming to us via a tweet and hinting more towards the fact, that Google has kind of ‘leaked’ the device itself, teasing enough to build a hype.

As you can see from the images we have published, the pixel Fold pretty much looks every bit like the rumours have been suggesting. Its aspect ratio, when unfolded, is unique and more suited to the landscape viewing experience, something that continues to be an issue with Samsung’s Galaxy Fold series. It is also not in the Z Flip category as some rumours had suggested.

The full device, and its specifications will be coming up in the upcoming Google I/O event on May 10th. Interested folks can keep an eye on all updates, through this special Pixel Fold page.