Microsoft announced today, the global roll out of Phone Link for iOS, across devices using Windows 11. This effectively means, that iPhone users with a Windows desktop/laptop will now be able to use their beloved iMessage across their Windows devices. Additionally, they also get the ability to make and receive phone calls, access their contacts, and see their phone’s notifications directly on their Windows PC.

“With the ability to now make this PC/iOS Phone connection, we hope our Windows 11 customers will never have to worry about missing an important phone call or text while focusing on their Windows PC.”, said Ali Akgun, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Windows and Devices.

The feature was already available for Android users, with certain enhancements announced in February this year.

Phone Link for iOS will begin rolling out globally in the next few weeks to all Windows 11 devices. To begin using it or to check if it’s enabled, simply start with the Search box on your Windows taskbar to find “Phone Link.” A guided step-by-step installation will walk you through setting it up.

In order for iOS users to use this feature, their phones must be updated to iOS 14 or higher. Additionally, messaging feature is limited by iOS. Image/video sharing and group messaging is not supported. Messages are session based and will only come through when phone is connected to PC. So yes, while you may not have the seamlessness of an “Apple Ecosystem”, but this does come close to helping you realise that, without getting trapped in the ecosystem.