It seems that Kanye West cannot stay out of controversy, not when it comes to Twitter.

Just two months after his return to Twitter, Kanye found himself kicked out of the popular micro-blogging site. This occurred after the rapper made antisemitic comments and praised Hitler in his tweets. The account for Kanye West now reads as “account suspended,” which marks which the second ban of his Twitter account being banned in two months.

Ye tweeted a string of contentious tweets following a hectic day in which the rapper appeared on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s Infowars programme and repeatedly said he adored Adolf Hitler. The rapper also shared a photo of a swastika combined with a Star of David on Twitter, while his other tweets praised and supported Frecnh luxury brand Balenciaga. Balenciaga, which had partnered with Ye on runway shows and other fashion projects, had parted ways with Ye over his anti-semitic comments in October.

Ye’s tweet storm came to an immediate halt when Twitter removed the offending tweet, and Musk said that he had “tried his best.”

“Despite that, he again violated our rule against incitement to violence. Account will be suspended,” the billionaire tweeted.

The controversial tweets by Ye also included an unpleasant image of Musk getting hosed by Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel on a boat because he thought he could be suspended. After Ye made several anti-Semitic remarks that ultimately led to companies like Adidas and Balenciaga breaking their relations with the rapper, Emanuel previously called for a Hollywood-led boycott of the artist.

Musk has recently indicated his wish for Twitter content posting restrictions to be loosened. He stated last week that some suspended accounts would receive a “generalamnesty” from the site. If this is a taste of what is about to come to Twitter as part of Musk’s amnesty, then the platform is likely to devolve into chaos in a short period of time.

Following Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of the firm and promise to lift suspensions of well-known accounts, including those of the rapper, former President Donald Trump, and Jordan Peterson, Ye was only recently allowed back on Twitter. Ye was initially suspended in October after tweeting that he would commit “death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.”

The CEO of Tesla responded to a Twitter fan who asked him to “repair Kanye please,” saying, “I tried my best. Despite this, he once more transgressed our prohibition against inciting violence. The account will be put on hold.

In a follow-up tweet, Musk clarified that the account suspension was due to the incitement of violence, and not because of a picture of him getting hosed by Emanuel. “Sincerely, I found those images to be a useful inspiration for weight loss!” Musk tweeted.

American rapper Kanye West makes music, produces records, and designs clothes. He is recognised as one of the most important and divisive hip-hop producers and musicians of the early twenty-first century.