Amid much applause and woo-hoos from the little audience that is physically present at this year’s Google I/O, the search giant announced Pixel 6a. And true to the Pixel line-up — the A line-up specifically — Google seems to have hit it out of the park. The Pixel 6a is priced at an aggressive $449, is powered by the ever-powerful Google Tensor chip and comes loaded with Android 13 and added security features.

To say that Pixel 6a is perhaps the most value-for-money Android (overall phone?) is an understatement. The phone gets some top of the line features, including guaranteed security updates for several years to come. It comes powered with the Google Tensor chip, which powers its more expensive sibling, the Pixel 6 and will power the Google Pixel 7 that is coming this fall.

With Google Tensor, Pixel 6a shares the same security architecture as Pixel 6 Pro, including our dedicated security chip Titan M2 that gives you the peace of mind that your sensitive data is safe. With this common hardware platform, Pixel 6a will receive five years of security updates from when the device first becomes available on in the U.S., just like Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

In terms of design, Pixel 6a borrows many of the same design elements from Pixel 6 — including the distinct camera bar — along with a metal frame. You’ll also get the updated Material You design UX that lets you personalize the look and feel of your phone. It comes in three colors, black, white and tone of green which is honestly much better than the one that Apple introduced for the iPhone recently.

Pixel 6a comes with an all-day battery that can last up to 72 hours when in the Extreme Battery Saver mode — a first for Pixel phones. Pixel 6a will be available for pre-order starting at $449 on July 21 and on shelves on July 28.

And also…

Oh yes, Pixel 7 has also been announced. And here’s how the glass+aluminium combo looks like: