Tesla Model S

The supply chain disruption in 2021 is known to many. The chief cause of this disruption was the pandemic, which caused worldwide shortages and affected consumers and businesses.

Tesla is a dominant player in the EV business, and one of the businesses which had been affected by the supply chain disruption. Multiple automakers struggled due to a shortage of microchips, but Tesla innovated its products and made technical changes to its cars to stay ahead of its competitors. Their efforts have borne rich fruit, as the EV maker delivered a record 308,600 electric vehicles in the fourth quarter of the previous year.

This amount exceeded analysts’ forecasts of 267,000 vehicles and marked the sixth consecutive quarter of Tesla producing a record number of deliveries. Its deliveries in the final quarter clocked a growth of 70% from a year earlier, and nearly 30% higher from deliveries in the previous quarter.

The winter quarter also saw Tesla produce 305,840 electric vehicles, yet another record. The record numbers can be largely attributed to the EV maker’s decision to boost production at its factory in Shanghai, apart from other factors.

Overall, Tesla delivered 936,172 vehicles in the previous year, a rise of 87% when compared to the deliveries it had made in 2020. This also exceeded Wall Street’s estimates of nearly 897, 000. The company also produced 930, 422 vehicles throughout 2021.

Let us break down these numbers. Tesla produced 13, 109 Model S and Model X vehicles, while it produced 292, 731 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in the fourth quarter. In the same period, it delivered 11, 750 Model S and Model X vehicles and 296, 850 Model 3 and Model 5 vehicles.

For 2021, Tesla produced 24,390 Model S and Model X vehicles and 906,032 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. It also delivered 24,964 Model S and Model X vehicles and 911,208 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles for the same period.
Tesla’s first overseas factory in Shanghai produces the Model 3 and Model Y vehicles (which explains the high numbers) while its Fremont, California factory produces the Model S and Model X vehicles.

The company said that it will announce its net income and cash flow results along with the rest of its financial performance later when it will announce the Q4 earnings. It also aims to open another factory in Germany this year.