Twitter has been making acquisitions left and right this year, and Threader is the latest name on the list.

Coming only a week after the launch of Twitter Blue in New Zealand and the US (across iOS, Android, and web for $2.99 USD or $4.49 NZD per month), the terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

“Threader is now a part of Twitter! Since the beginning of this journey, we have always believed that Twitter hosts some of the best content on the Internet. Today, we’re closing the loop. We’re bringing the Threader experience to Twitter, making threads enjoyable in a distraction-free format,” Threader wrote on its website.

Threader is known to let users create, compile, and share Twitter threads, making it easier to help users find long threads on the popular micro-blogging site. Once users reply to a particular thread, the Threader bot creates a link to present the entire thread in an easier-to-read format, like an article. Threader will now be a part of Twitter’s paid Twitter Blue subscription service.

With the acquisition, Threader will be shutting down on December 15, so you can enjoy its services till then. “We noticed the kind of amazing content shared by people on Twitter who worked around the 280 character limit to express longer thoughts, but they were hard to find and even more difficult to read. We felt a desire to highlight these great stories and knowledge shared on the platform,” the four-year-old Threader wrote in its blog post, feeling that this will help make threads “enjoyable in a distraction-free format.”

Threader co-founder Marie Denis has helped build a similar service on Twitter Blue, the Reader mode, which works similarly to the Threader app. Denis will join Twitter’s Longform team and work on features like Reader and other similar products.