Over the past year, a few sectors have witnessed numbers ballooning up, thanks to the changing landscape of the tech industry. Ed-tech, cloud management and quite obviously, health-tech are some arenas that have undergone massive change, with changing habits of people around the world. While COVID has dominated the dialogue around health, people have grown cautious about their general well being as well. Based on this, makers of the Whole Body Digital Twin™  precision health technology ‘Twin Health’ have raised $140Mn in Series C funding.

The round includes participation from Sequoia Capital India, ICONIQ Capital, Perceptive Advisors, Corner Ventures, LTS Investments, Helena and Sofina, and will enable Twin Health to expand its presence across India and the U.S.

Twin Health aims to empower its users by helping them reverse and prevent chronic metabolic diseases, including type II diabetes, while improving energy and physical health.

Whole Body Digital Twin™ is a dynamic representation of each individual’s unique metabolism, built from thousands of data points collected daily via non-invasive wearable sensors and self-reported preferences.

The program consists of multiple sensors like continuous glucose monitors and fitness watches, as well as comprehensive blood tests, consultations with doctors, health coaches and more. Thus, users are able to keep continuous track of their health through an easy to use app, ensuring individualized, precise, timely guidance across nutrition, sleep, activity and meditative breathing.

“We are each gifted a body. If given a chance, it can heal itself. Our Whole Body Digital Twin lives alongside you – giving you a simple, clear view into your beautifully complex biology, continuously learning about your metabolism and telling you what you can do to improve your health in the moment,” said Jahangir Mohammed, Founder and CEO of Twin Health.

Twin Health claims that its system works so well because every individual has a different body and metabolism, and thus, needs a customized treatment plan. Whole Body Digital Twin™ allows doctors to have a better insight into this nuance, and make better decisions thanks to all this insight.

Since the pandemic has pushed people to take a hard gander at their general well being, a solution like Twin Health align perfectly with the need of the hour, and thus, the company has been making huge strides over the past months.

Twin Health claims that using its Twin service, hundreds of India’s leading diabetologists, endocrinologists and MD physicians deliver precise care to reverse type 2 diabetes — defined as maintaining normal blood glucose levels while stopping all diabetes medications including insulin.