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Twitter has suffered an outage once again, with several users reporting that they are unable to update their news feed. The outage seems to be focused towards South Asia and SE Asia in particular. The issue is spread across all platforms, and has affected users using Twitter on web, Android and iOS applications.

According to, a famous platform that notes outages like these, the platform has been down since 8:11pm.

So far, the company has not responded to this outage, either on the Twitter Status page or on the Twitter Support handle.

For a platform as big as Twitter, outages like these are not very common. However, Twitter has been noting outages quite frequently this year, with the last one happening earlier this month on October 16th,  affecting a wide range of activities on the platform, including newsfeed and the ability to tweet. Moreover, the company had a similar outage at the start of the month on October 1st, wherein users weren’t able to post or see any tweets, or even log in to the platform.

Update 21:50 IST

The platform seems to be up now for most users. Some are facing intermittent outage, which should be resolved soon. We are still awaiting an official statement from Twitter on the outage, and shall keep you update if and when that arrives.

We will update this article with more information…