With TikTok’s global isolation right on the horizon (and some of that already done), alternatives across the globe have seen massive surge in numbers. One such alternative in the US, Triller has now announced a partnership with India’s Reliance Jio owned music streaming service JioSaavn to scale up its presence in the Indian market. “This is ‘one of the many’ announcements coming from the two ‘digital powerhouses”, said Triller.

In its deal with JioSaavn, Triller will now be embedded into the JioSaavn app. The company said that the JioSaavn app will have a ‘prominent’ button on its home screen that will allow users to create Triller videos using JioSaavn’s music. Any music video streamed on the JioSaavn app will automatically be a Triller video. The company also said this will help grow Triller’s usage and users.

“Both TRILLER and JioSaavn have paved way as disruptors in the global music industry. We are very excited about this development as our partnership will pioneer a fresh format of ‘collective discovery’ for new-age content creators in India,” mentions Mike Lu, CEO, TRILLER. “Internationally, TRILLER already has licensing partnerships with the majority of the top studios, including Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Universal, allowing users to create content with an extensive catalog of music. This association is a step forward in localizing and personalising our app’s appeal to the Indian ecosystem.”

Rishi Malhotra, co-Founder and CEO of JioSaavn exclaimed his excitement for this new partnership. He says that this collaboration will help artists create and express cultures in the most innovative ways. He is also confident that this will help grow bot the companies exponentially. JioSaavn has 104 million users in India as of now, making it one of the largest media streaming platforms in the country.

This comes weeks after the Indian Government banned TikTok along with 58 other Chinese apps. As a result, alternatives — which are mostly TikTok clones — have enjoyed massive upsurge in numbers. While smaller alternatives keep springing up, Facebook too has taken deep interest in entering this space, specially in India. Instagram already announced a pilot of its ‘Reels’ short form video app in India. The massive success led Instagram to expand the app further, pushing it to all of its India users.

Triller has grown massively, thanks to Trump administration’s recently announced ban on TikTok, as well as the bad PR that TikTok had been garnering already. Triller meanwhile, set the record of being the only app to be the #1 downloaded app in over 50 countries simultaneously, including India. Partnership with JioSaavn is part of its widespread expansion plans.

While Triller would look to tap into the world’s second largest internet market for users, Reliance Jio gets a chance to add yet another direct to consumer social media offering to its stable. The news however also quashes most rumours, about a possible buyout of Tiktok’s India business by Reliance Jio. JioSaavn already is one of the largest music streaming platform by users, and has key partnerships with Sony Music, Amazon and Shazam.