Credits: Thomas Hawk // CC2.0 License

Intel’s 7nm processors have been being delayed by some time, putting it quite behind its younger rivals across the globe. But 7nm chips will still take some time to be widely-adopted, giving Intel some headroom to continue innovating on its still popular 10nm chips. Now reportedly, Intel will announce its next generation 10nm 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPUs next month.

Intel had announced a few weeks ago that it is planning “something big” for an event that has been scheduled for the 2nd of next month. Experts had been speculating that this will become the stage for the launch of the 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPUs, Intel’s next line of processors based on the 10nm technology. However, these were just speculations up until this point.

Now, due to the keen eye of twitter user SteakisGood, and the event calendar on the company’s own investor relations site, we have confirmation that this in fact will be the event where Intel introduces the next line of CPUs, which will go up against AMD’s 4000 series, which has already made the jump to 7nm architecture.

Seeing how Intel is still relying on the ’10nm+’ architecture, those looking to build a PC can expect some price cuts from the company, especially considering how AMD has gotten the edge over the chip making giant with its next gen, budget friendly processors. However, this might turn out to be nothing more than wishful thinking.

The company’s calendar also has a date marked for this month, the 13th of August, which reads “Updates from our Chief Architect, Raja Koduri.” This can be the day Intel announces its first discrete GPU, the DG1, which was announced at CES 2020. However, nothing has been confirmed as of yet.