JioMeet has decided that it can’t, in good conscience, keep the old design that it almost replicated as-it-is from its American rival Zoom, after facing massive censure from the community on the same.

The new version of the JioMeet app comes with a completely new UI, along with a catchy, red icon. Reliance announced its first entry in the video conferencing market on July 3rd under the banner of JioMeet, which was marketed as a “Desi” alternative to Zoom. Moreover, the platform was advertised with a great emphasis on user privacy and data security, something that Zoom has struggled with.

So far, JioMeet sounds like a clear winner, right? Well, the company made one mistake, that today’s move hopes to correct. JioMeet had an eerily similar design to Zoom, something that was horrendously trolled by the Internet netizens. The dispute garnered a lot of attention from users and media houses alike, which became the only stumbling block on the path to JioMeet’s success.

However, just weeks after the launch, Reliance has decided to resolve this query, and completely changed the UI of the app. The app looks like a phoenix, rising from its own ashes, being born anew, especially with its new red logo.

Here’s a screenshot of the Zoom home screen:

The home screen for Zoom
The re-designed home screen for JioMeet

The pictures show a difference in the UI of the apps that wasn’t present before. We say UI, because the basic layout is still quite similar. Both apps still follow the same, basic ‘4 icons on top, a task bar in the bottom’ style design, something Zoom has achieved great success with.

While the apps still aren’t exactly indiscernible from each other, JioMeet has definitely taken its first step towards a world where it isn’t seen as a Zoom replica.