Source: Deepanker Verma @Pexels

Spotify’s latest attempt at gaining new customers, is in the form of a premium plan for couples. The company is debuting its newest subscription offering, Premium Duo , which costs $12.99 a month and allows two people who live at the same place to share one plan while maintaining their own  accounts.

With the newly rolled out Premium Duo, Spotify will provide ad-free, on-demand listening, and a catalogue of more than 50 million tracks and access to over 1million podcast titles to customers in pairs, who can now share two accounts while being on a single plan. While this alone sounds great, there’s more.

Subscribers of the Premium Duo will get access to a special Duo Mix playlist that will be directed by the tastes of both participants. The platform already provides playlists that it thinks you will like, based on listening history. Now, with this new Duo Mix, couples will be able to blast music in the house, without having to fight over who’s Music choices are better.

Existing Premium subscribers can switch to Premium Duo by visiting their “Account” page on and changing their subscription.

Spotify in its attempt to cater to the needs of everyone is trying to tailor a premium plan for every individual. Premium users can share DJ duties with anyone in their immediate vicinity and hide songs from playlists. However, the company has found it tough to convert Spotify users to paying, premium subscribers. With this new plan, the company is trying to appeal to yet another demographic, in hopes of bringing more users to the premium counterpart of the service. Is this plan going to sound as good as music to its customers?

As is evident by the falling global economy, COVID 19 is bad for business. However, the ad industry has taken on more damage than others, as businesses are finding it difficult to accumulate cash to pay advertisers. Thus, in a time like this, an ad based model, like Spotify’s free version, does not make sense, and conversion to the premium variant is the need of the hour.

It will be interesting to see if this launch from Spotify will be able to bring customers to it’s shore.