It’s not everyday that Google and Apple collaborate on something, so if they do, you know something is serious. And what can be more serious than a pandemic at large, affecting lives worldwide? The companies had earlier announced a contact tracing tool, which would notify users if they had come in contact with someone who has been tested positive for coronavirus. The API was released for developers a week ago, and the companies made more reveals and announcements for the tool today, to ensure that it is used for the right reasons.

The two companies revealed new sample resources for the tool, including example UI assets, and sample code for both iOS and Android. This will help developers and companies to jumpstart the process of integrating this functionality into their apps. However, it must be noted that this code does not represent what the end result of the development process will look like. This is just a means for developers to leave room for integration of the tool later on, instead of building an app from scratch.

The companies released screenshots that they are calling “illustrative concept”.

The companies also want developers to know that they will only allow them to integrate this tool into their applications if they comply with a certain set of rules.

Applications need to ask for consent before issuing contact tracing for users. The applications using this API should be made for, or by a government agency, and should only be used for purposes related to coronavirus. Moreover, a users needs to agree to let his positive result be sent to a public health agency, that would keep a check on said apps.

Lastly, the apps should seek out as less information as possible, and not under any conditions, ask for a user’s location. The information needs to be processed by bluetooth, and GPS functionality should not be activated within the app.