Gaming is one section which always springs up special announcements at CES. And this year too, it hasn’t been too different. While the exciting but usual ones like a new PlayStation came up yesterday, its Razer that has announced something really special. And then special piece of hardware is a gamer’s dream brought to reality — a dedicated 5G router for gaming.

Called ‘Sila’, the 5G router is a “high-speed networking device tailored for gamers” with features including built-in rechargeable battery, ultra-low latency during both stationary and mobile gameplay, built on Razer’s fast-track engine which specializes in reducing interruptions of lesser priority. The Razer Sila 5G Home Router lets users prioritize between client hardware, such as Xbox or desktop PC, and is designed to optimize cloud gaming services. Additionally, a manual indicator will notify users when the priority has changed so that they’re always in-the-know.

The faster Networking speeds will allow the gaming industry to meet ever-growing demands of bandwidth, graphics and processing powers. Now Gamers can automatically prioritize bandwidths for gaming and streaming while suitably allowing customizable speeds to different devices connected with the router. It uses Qualcomm’s SDX55 and Hawkeye’s IPQ872A chipset capable of using 4G LTE over an 802.11 ax 4X4 wifi connection, with one 2.5 Gbps WAN, 4X1 Gbps Lan, and 1 X USB 3.0 ports, along with a slim slot for additional connectivity.

Additionally, Razer unveiled a new universal mobile gaming controller – Razer Kishi, gaming desktop Tomahawk and a new e racing simulator in collaboration with game publishers and gaming vendors. Razer plans to launch its android and iOS compatible controller in early 2020 meanwhile Sila and e-racing simulator are just concepts at this time. In the past, Intel saw this opportunity and became an investor in the company after it become public in 2017 to ensure its chipsets are at the core of these new gaming-focused machines.