Samsung has been promising the world its first zero bezel TV for quite some time now. And if experts are anything to go by, they might make good on their promise really soon.

The Elec sources said that Samsung might be bringing the first truly zero bezel TV at CES 2020. Mass production might follow as soon as February. The company has not made anything official so most of this is mere hearsay at this point and hence lacks detailed specifications. But sources suggest that the option might become available for screens larger than 65 inches.

Even though nothing’s been confirmed yet, experts have their reasons to believe that this might be more than just speculations. Samsung has already been working on the project for some time. And if that is not enough, the company also trademarked the ‘Zero Bezel’ brand name. Neither is a really strong indicator for the upcoming device, but if Samsung has something in store, CES will be the event where they introduce it, as is there ritual.

Just like everything else, there’s no update on the expected price of the TV. However, it is being speculated that it will cost a fortune. The chip is being developed with 8K in mind. 8K TVs are already quite expensive. Adding bezel-less to that mixture is sure to drive the costs through the roof. But then, this line of Samsung products has generally been a luxury one for years now. And if past sales are anything to go by, Samsung  does have a clientele that can afford to buy such products. Samsung still stands to make a fortune if they become the first company to break through the category.

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