Ola will now have their vehicles running the streets in London. Ola’s entity in UK has received the approval to launch their private hire vehicles (PHV) and black cabs across London. As per reports, the service will be launched in September, two months after the approval by the London’s transport regulator. The India-based ride-hailing upstart will now expand its horizons across the city. London lures in a number of cab users and is now one of the biggest markets when it comes to ride-hailing services.

“Ola has been granted a PHV operator license by TFL,” said an Ola spokesperson, confirming the approval. “London is one of the world’s most iconic cities and hosts a progressive mobility environment.  We couldn’t be more excited to bring Ola to London in the time ahead! We are looking forward to building world-class mobility offerings for London, by collaborating with drivers, riders, the government and local authorities. Londoners will hear more from us closer to our launch in the city, as we get ready to serve them.”

The approval to launch cabs across the city will help the company tackle local rivals including Uber and the recently launched ‘Bolt’. Bolt, backed by German automaker Daimler was shut 22 months ago and has now returned to the market after it’s launch a month ago.

Ola’s international expansion seems to be an interesting shift for the company. London, being a huge city will be one of the potential markets for Ola. It would also mean the emergence of perhaps the only global rival to Uber’s hugely expanded global footprint.

Additionally, the company has received the approval to operate the city’s ubiquitous black cab services in the city.

Ola had been expanding it’s expansion in the UK since a year. The Bangalore based company was launched in the UK in 2018 providing it’s services in 5 major cities of the country.

On capital front, the company has raised $11 million from new investors earlier this week including DIG Investment Ab, Deshe Holdings and founders of Dubai-based Jabbar Internet Group as part of its ongoing Series J round.

Addition to all this, Ola Electric, which runs the company’s electric vehicle business is also said to be coming to Latin America. Ola is currently running in about 20 international cities which include nine in Australia, seven in the UK, and three in New Zealand.