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When separated by distance due to work or the like, video calls act as a blessing in disguise to connect with family and friends. But there’s something off about the process when you look directly at someone’s face during the call. The sync between the display and the lens doesn’t allow you to look directly into your loved one’s eyes which impairs the beauty of the conversations. However, not anymore.

Apple’s latest version of iPhone iOS 13 brought an update that fixes the most awkward thing about video calls. A new feature named “FaceTime Attention Correction” subtly adjusts one’s gaze, so as to make it look like you are looking into the camera while actually you are  looking at the screen.

The feature was discovered by app designer Mike Rundle, who tested it out with tech enthusiast Will Sigmon. Apparently it uses advanced image manipulation to make video-based eye calls seem natural. However, nothing certain could be said about the type of technology used.

The feature is limited to iPhones with latest processors implying iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max will have the said feature. While for others, it simply won’t be available.