Samsung Infinity Flex for foldable smartphone

Samsung lovers are in for a treat with the glimpse of the first foldable phone produced by Samsung that was revealed in a teaser trailer that lasted only 27 seconds but was ingrained in one’s memory for much longer.

The trailer began with korean characters or hanguk which read, ‘miraega pyeolchinda’ which translates to ‘the future unfolds’ in english. The hanguk was displayed in white letters across a black screen and transitioned into its english counterpart with the same effect.

It can be assumed with this trailer that, Samsung is planning on releasing the details of the foldable phone’s model along with the three models of the Galaxy S10 which is set to release on February 20th which is stated in the teaser trailer.

The image of the foldable phone was already revealed in mid-November but with very few details and the main details were nowhere to be found. The demo showed a device that converted from a tablet into a phone format with the screen being able to split easily. unfortunately, the lights were dimmed and the device was placed in case which did not allow viewers to get a good glimpse of the appearance of the device.

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