Facebook Dating

Facebook launched a new dating feature during F8 keynote conference this year, with an aim to take on the likes of Tinder and Bumble. The feature, named Facebook Dating, which was previously piloted in Colombia, has now expanded the feature to Canada and Thailand.

Facebook Dating operates in a way that enables users to create their profiles which are kept separate from their Facebook ones and kept out of sight of friends. The company will recommend matches that users aren’t already friends with, based on shared dating preferences, interests and if they’d like, mutual friends or groups and events.

Further, the company is also adding a few new features, including the ability to re-review people you passed on and take a break by putting the service on pause, among other things. The company’s offering will support text-only conversations between matches in an effort to minimize “casual encounters” by building long-term relationships instead and will attempt to reduce catfishing.

As per the reports, Facebook began testing the app internally in August and asked its employees to use fake data for their dating profiles, and plans to delete all data before the public launch. The test feature is now available to users aged 18 and above, free of cost and without any advertisements or premium features.

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