Continuing on the series of patent related legal battle that Apple and Qualcomm are currently embroiled in, the latter has accused former of not paying close to $7 Billion worth of royalty payments till date. Qualcomm has accused Apple of the same in a recent court hearing, states a Reuters report.

This fresh allegation comes amid ongoing battle between the world’s largest chip maker Qualcomm and the world’s most valued company, Apple. While the former has accused latter of infringing on patents, the Cupertino giant is accusing Qualcomm of unfair patent licensing practices. The chip-maker had been one of the primary suppliers for Apple’s iPhone parts for a fairly long time.

Qualcomm made its comments about the size of Apple’s unpaid royalties in a hearing in one of the cases in federal court in San Diego. And as you’d expect, the iPhone maker has disputed these figures in court.

Apple has been at the front of numerous similar patent battles, fighting the same across a wide spectrum of tech companies. This also includes the likes of Samsung, the patent battle with which is yet to reach any significant concluding outcome.

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