Within half an hour of the commencement of iPhone XR pre orders, some of the colors got sold out and became unavailable for the launch day delivery in the United States. The sale got open at 12.01 AM PST and as anticipated, attracted a swarm.

Currently, the yellow and PRODUCT (RED) variants of iPhone XR will not be shipped out in the next one week or two, extending the delivery to November instead of the earlier promised October 26th. Even in UK, the supply of the smartphone has slowly started to dwindle, and the coral and yellow variants are now showing one to two weeks of delivery estimate.

Meanwhile, all the other color variants are are still available for the launch day delivery, however, the supply for the walk-in purchase has certainly slowed down for certain models in some areas.

Its still not confirmed if yellow is the new favorite of the customers, or Apple simply made a lesser count of the variant, however, with one model sold out at this pace, others are sure to join is close succession.

The XR models which are currently being pre-ordered in the United States, are not the SIM free models, which is a clear signal that the supplies are not as good as Apple has anticipated. Nonetheless, the SIM free models are available for other countries round the globe.

Apple is known to roll out its iPhone with matching case but surprisingly, there are no iPhone XR cases this time. In the press release, Apple, did mention that there will be clear cases for the iPhone XR in order to flaunt the color f the set, however, no cases a re available as of now.

In case you wish to be the proud owner of the iPhone XR, I would suggest you to order it without delay n order to avail the launch day delivery, as you never know when the remaining stock would also run out. However, like always, Apple will hold some of the devices as available for the in-store purchase on October 26.

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