Google had released a family-focussed app, Family Link, last year enabling parents to monitor their kids’ Android devices. The app which was available in the U.S. until now has been launched today globally in countries including India.

Google, with the app, seeks to facilitate the ability of parents to have the choice when it comes to the usage of technology. Family Link allows them to set screen time limits for their child’s Android device, track the location of the phone, view activity reports, i.e., the time spent on different apps and approve or block their app downloads from the Google Play Store. Also, they can remotely lock the device whenever it’s break time.

The app is aimed at children below the age of 13 or the relevant age of consent as per the region. Parents can simply create a Google account on their child’s device. After entering the age and giving the consent to complete the process, Family Link will be downloaded automatically. They can choose the relevant options and settings for the kid’s phone.

The tech giant also announced that it has introduced the supervision of Google accounts of teenagers across the globe which differs in some ways. Teenagers will have the option to turn the supervision, with the parents being notified of the same.

The other countries where the app has been rolled out today are Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama and, Peru. It had already made its way to major parts of Europe this May.

Family Link is compatible with Android devices running  Android 4.4 and higher or an iPhone or iPad running iOS 9 and higher for parents. While the kids need to have devices running Android 7.0 Nougat and higher, some devices with Android 5.0 or 6.0 could also work.

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