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A high powered meeting took place earlier today, that saw members o the tech community sit down with President Donald Trump and members of the US administration. Albeit, the meeting was less crowded than what it should have been,with several tech honchos leaving president Trump’s councils over disagreements with his policies.

The meeting also saw Apple CEO Tim Cook and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in attendance.

During the course of the meeting, Trump maintained that the US Federal government was woefully behind the private sector in terms of technology, and that it needed to catch up. He also said that it was the responsibility of federal agencies along with the government itself, to offer better services to its citizens.

After a day of meetings with those and other tech executives at the White House, Trump admitted the feds had to “catch up” with the private sector: He said federal agencies had to deliver “dramatically better services to citizens,” for example, while buying cheaper, better technology and adopting “stronger protections from cyberattacks.

Apple’s Tim Cook also spoke up at the meeting, stating the coding should be made a mandatory requirement in US’s schools. He also agreed with the US President’s statements regarding the country’s need t modernize its IT and tech Infrastructure.

Interestingly, Cook also spoke about the importance of migration to the country — I can not image that going own well with Trump — and the need for better encryption policies.

The meetings are expected to continue as the White House celebrates its tech meet. On this weeks agenda are things like a meeting on drones, scheduled for Thursday and additional tech reforms at the Department of Veterans Affairs to be discussed on Friday.”

Speaking about the importance of these meeting, Press secretary Sean Spicer said:

I think it’s pretty telling that the President brings these kind of people together. We will work with individuals, regardless of what their past political beliefs are, to further the President’s agenda and to bring ideas to the table.

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