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Do you use Apple Music? If you are an iPhone user, chances are that you do. What amount do you shell out for the same every month though? Is it $9.99 per month? Or is it $14.99 per month for the family plan?  Either of these options can make quite a dent in your pockets. However, there is a way using which you can get an annual subscription for merely $99.

It doesn’t appear as if Apple is too keen for users to find out, and start using this options. The reasons for the same are pretty obvious, right? You pay less money, Apple gets less money. However, the $99 per annum option is quite real and here is how you can access it

First of all, you need to be a current subscriber. What that means, is that it won’t work if you are a new subscriber. You need to be already subscribed to a normal monthly plan. Once that is sorted out, go to your membership setting and you should be able to make the switch to an annual plan. We will guide you through how that works in a bit but the key takeaway is, that you need to be a monthly subscriber in order to avail this service.

Here is what you have to do next:

  • Okay, so once you have made sure of that, fire up the App Store.
  • Scroll until you hit the bottom in the Featured tab.
  • Tap on Apple ID and enter your password.
  • Tap on View Apple ID.
  • Tap on subscriptions and you will be able to see a bunch of options, among them a $99 Individual Plan (1 Year).
  • Choose the option, make payments if any and voilà! you are now eligible to enjoy the delights of Apple Music for merely $99 an year.

Have fun, and stay tuned!

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