French MedTech firm PKvitality which develops K’Watch, has managed to achieve 170% of the initial objective of its crowdfunding equity campaign. On just the 21st day of its 60-day campaign, the company has been subscribed €700,000 from investors.

K’Watch is a new generation tracker that analyzes the main physiological markers by simply “tasting” the skin rather than taking blood samples. However, in order to launch the mass production and submit K’Watch for certification to the local medical authorities, the company opted for a crowdfunding equity campaign and began it on May 22.

K’Watch is available in two variants: K’Watch Glucose, a connected watch for people with diabetes, which enables them to measure their blood glucose in real time. Whereas, K’Watch Athlete is a tracker for athletes that allows them to monitor the lactic acid level in real time.

Also, Julian Shapley, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Cellnovo, has joined the company’s scientific committee. He becomes part of a committee that already has renowned specialists on-board including Rémy Leroy (Key Opinion Leader on Diabetology), Tom Bishop (Glucometer Specialist), and Jacques Fattaccioli (Micro-Fluidic Specialist and Chief of the Chemistry Department IPGG-CNRS). Julian, mentions,

K’Watch is an exceptional innovation in the self-measurement of blood glucose and other biological markers, that completely spares users from the painful gesture of finger-pricking.

PKvitality conceives extremely seductive nomad devices that integrate complex technologies that are made simple to use. It is with great enthusiasm that I take part in this adventure.

The company, apart from this campaign, is also giving individuals an option to contribute by pre-ordering the K’Watch Glucose device at a 50% discount. It mentions, all the raised funds will be utilized to finance mass production and medical certification. This, in turn, will enable them to shorten the time to market by about a year.Are you thinking to launch your startup? So, you should check best ergonomic office chair under $300 for your office.


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