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Nintendo Switch may now have become a staple for gamers across the globe but the hybrid console will soon also come in handy as a coding tool in the coming days. You love playing Super Mario and the new Zelda game on the console, you’ll soon be able to code a bunch of such games or apps for yourself very soon.

Being released as any other game, FUZE Code Studio for Nintendo Switch was first spotted by Nintendo Today earlier in the day. The said game, which is actually a coding interface, will enable kiddos to write 2D and 3D games using the company’s proprietary programming language — FUZE Basic.

If you’re unknown to FUZE Basic, it is the company’s modern take on the classic BASIC programming language developed by the Redmond giant. This is being termed as the building blocks for adoption of other more powerful programming languages like C++ and Python. The said programming language will now be supported on Switch.

The FUZE Code Studio will include complete access to Nintendo Switch hardware. This means it holds support for Joy-Con sensors, controls, and external USB keyboards as well. You can, however, continue to make use of the official touchscreen keyboard added to the Nintendo Switch with the latest update.

To even give users some basic idea on how to make use of the programming tool, FUZE is also including some example packages. It is currently only providing you a cohort of packages, with more downloadable content being added over time.

The app will include a music synthesizer and speech engine for music and voice, and it comes with graphics and music that you can use.

The FUZE Code Studio will be made available to Nintendo Switch owners by the end of summer on the Switch eShop. This means kids will be able to not only interact with the plumber in the red hat but also learn to code in the process.

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