Facebook’s ongoing battle against the phenomenon of ‘fake news’ is an apt example of how difficult the digital publishing space is becoming. This might be attributed to the need for publishers to vie for users’ attention because sensationalist and unbelievable stories are a tempting way of getting clicks.

However, such fabricated or misleading stories are, naturally, a stain on the digital publishing industry, but it’s up to legitimate digital publishers to win the battle for space on timelines and Google searches in the future.

Innovation Enterprise is a B2B media brand that specializes in delivering innovative business solutions to executive-level decision makers. It is organizing its 4th annual, flagship “Digital Publishing Innovation Summit” in New York on July 17-18 to tackle some of the biggest issues and challenges the industry has to offer.

The two-day event will witness some of digital publishing’s most forward thinking companies giving insights to the attendees. The firms that will be present at the event include USA Today, Diply, News Corporation, The Washington Post, The Economist, The Onion, BBC Worldwide, The AP, and many more.

Innovation Enterprise believes fake news shouldn’t change any digital publisher’s strategies, rather it should simply push them to be better. Such news gains traction just because it engages with the audience on an emotional level, tapping into its existing beliefs and reinforcing them with often sensationalist stories or revelations. And, legitimate digital publishers should avoid this.

It’s not just the issue of fake news that the digital publishers face in today’s multi-channel, always connected landscape. Ad-blockers have also been stinging revenue streams in the industry for some time, forcing publishers to reconsider their monetization strategies and look toward native advertising rather than display ads. So is the rise of video making them rethink the fundamentals of their business. In an environment as unpredictable as this, it pays to be on top of emerging trends.

Hence, in addition to the insight from digital publishing’s leading voices, the summit will provide opportunities for attendees to meet, discuss the industry and share ideas with other executive-level decision makers. Through panel discussions and organized networking sessions, the summit will ensure that every attendee has the opportunity to be heard and potentially find the next great solution for their company.

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