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While some tech CEOs may be alienated by president Donald Trump’s stance on a variety of issues — and alienated enough to depart from his councils — Apple CEO Tim Cook is not one of them. Cook is said to be part of the new American Technology council that has been set by Trump, and is likely to attend its inaugural meeting in person.

This particular council was formed with the intent t modernize government’s IT and digital efforts, and it has members from all sorts of tech bigwigs from the Silicon valley. Assuming that Tim Cook does arrive at the meeting, he will be joining many other industry veterans of note.

The list of planned attendees include Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook, Microsoft Corp. CEO Satya Nadella, Inc. CEO Jeff Bezos, Oracle Co-CEO Safra Catz and International Business Machines Corp. CEO Ginni Rometty, the people said. Alphabet Inc. plans to send Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt.

Which is sort of interesting, considering that many of these people — Cook included — are vocally against many of Trump administration’s policies. Cook for instance, expressed his outrage earlier, when the US announced that it was exiting the Paris accord.

The council is led by Trump’s Son-In-Law, Jared Kushner. The first meeting of the council will take place on June, 19th. Let’s see who turns up.

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