Airbnb has come up with a brand new feature that will make checking in a lot easier for prospective guests. This makes one of the biggest pain points easier to navigate thus making the overall process easier for guests, as well as for the company.

Up until now, check in involved a lot of human intervention. Hosts would have to provide guests with the check in instructions, they would have to be given instructions to enter the building and so on. Predictably, things did not always proceed as smoothly as could have been hoped for.

Airbnb is now making the process significantly easier with a check in flow list that will be available within the app and that will provide guests with clear steps to follow, and hosts with some well deserved peace of mind. The process is not available to every host an you will need to opt-in and help Airbnb in creating a personalized heck in list for your place.

Once you have done so, every guest coming to your place will receive the check in list 3 days prior to their scheduled arrival. The feature not only removes human intervention and thus makes the process more efficient, but it also ensures that guests have a clear place to refer to in case of any confusion.

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