Here at the WWDC, Apple just showed of a bunch of brand new APIs collected together as ARKit, that will allow developers to delve deeper into the mysterious realm of Augmented reality. The company followed the likes of Facebook and Google, who have already pumped out their AR products at their respective events.

Apple’s product in this case, is what the company likes to call the largest AR platform in the world. It will take some work to validate the claim but the ARKit is certainly nice, very nice. For instance, the company showed of how the ARKit could be used to create highly realistic scenes.

In Pokemon Go for instance, Pikachu and other Pokemon usually float a couple of inches off of the surface they are sitting or standing on. However, develop the same using the ARKit and voila! Your Pokemon has its feet squarely on the ground and the pokeball you throw at it rolls and latters on the floor as well.

All this may sound relatively trivial in comparison but trust me folks, this is the kind o thing that will power the future. And while ARKit may or may not be the largest platform out there, it is nice. Really nice.

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