Website aka site is a web page consisting of relevant written or multimedia with a common domain name. It fulfills various functions and can be either personal or a commercial website. These web pages are helpful in different ways for both for the viewers and to its owner. It well informs the customers and helps the owners to display its content in a proper order. Being an important information tool, it has become vital for every small or big organization. There are different website builder available in the market and provide the services at variable rates.

Such service providers charge huge amount of fees to develop your website and even take yearly charges for its maintenance. To find the suitable website builder can be sometimes difficult and hectic. To overcome this hurdle here you are provided with the best of 10 best website builders with their customer’s reviews.


This website creator has a good overall score and comes with exciting features. The services for the users are available for 24×7 and are affordable and reliable. It comes with unlimited bandwidth and comes with huge storage options. This web page builder is best for both first- timers and experienced users.

 Site Builder

Another contender in the best website builder is the Site Builder. This web page creator has a nice overall rating including the features, templates, backend and customer support. Its services are total value for money as they provide 100% free account with free domain for lifetime. They provide customer support at a very broad range and also enables with additional features like email assistance, precedence support etc.

Site 123

This website developer provides instant translation of the content in multiple languages. Moreover, you can customize the templates as per your necessity. It provides a client-friendly dashboard and other relevant features for the beginners. More importantly, Site123 provides easiest website building with respect to other websites.


This website builder is what you need to create a unique website for your business. It is very easy to operate and is best for the initiators. Even the ones who are professionals will like this process from start till the end. This particular web page builder is very affordable and suites every pocket.


The exciting feature with this site builder is that it handles both the payment processor and website in a single stage. The prices are affordable and it’s very simple and trouble-free in usage. Moreover, one can support the outlet with other domains and networking sites.


The 1&1 website builder works for both windows and linux servers. It is featured best in customer care services and offers different features and packages for every kind of user with variable skill set.

Go Daddy

If you want to go for cheap and simple website builder, then head for Go daddy. This website building features low cost, less maintenance with good and wide range of templates. This website developer has a huge list of clients under its name.

I Page

These online website service providers provide with the best hosting to its clients. The features and services are totally value for money. With huge range of good quality templates, this web page builder is the cheapest in the market.

Square Space

This site developing site is known for its ability to make beautiful websites for its clients. Every single template is uniquely crafted which enables you with a striking touch on your website.


The 10th position is bagged by Weebly because of its reliability and affordability in its services. The templates are bold yet simple, moreover the website is well known globally for its good services.

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