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Snap has announced that it has launched their prescription glasses, Spectacles, in the UK and across Europe. The hardware product will cost £129.99 or €149.99. They can be purchased physically from Snap Bot the pop-up vending machines andonline as well.

The first Snap Bot is placed in London at the London Eye, and the machines will keep on moving to other spots in the coming days. A machine is placed at a location typically for a day and the next place is revealed online on the website.

Spectacles is the first hardware product that has been unveiled by the company. The glasses are equipped with 115-degree camera lens on the sides and will let you record a circular video of 10 to 30 seconds. After recording the video can then be transferred to the Snapchat app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on an iPhone and only Wi-Fi for Android devices. They are available in one fit-all size and in three colors – black, teal and coral.

The devices were unveiled in the US late last year. They are made available across Europe in Austria, Spain, Finland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden. While apart from London, the vending machines can be spotted in Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and Venice today.

Snap which had recently gone public hasn’t yet revealed what it plans to do further in terms of hardware products. However, last year it had acquired Ctrl Me Robotics, a company that makes drones, so it might be heading in this direction as well.

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