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Twitter has announced a brand new live video partnership. This time with none other than the grandfather of all news channels — BBC itself. The platform will now host both live video and other breaking news from the channel’s coverage of the UK elections, straight to Twitter. This is the first time that the company is ever partnering with the media network.

Along the terms of the deal, the company will host a bunch of BBC’s election special programs, debates, and also the big results night. If you are interested in the livestream, here is the schedule:

  • BBC Election Debate on May 31st
  • The two Question Time Leaders Specials on June 2nd and 4th
  • The Newsbeat Youth Debate on June 6th
  • Election Night Results Special on June 8th

You will be able to access the live stream over the company’s web and mobile platforms. Also available will be tweets on associated topics which will be used to help people find the live streams and related content. As for where the content can be found, simply visit bbcelection.twitter.com, or visit Twitter’s Explore section.

Apart from live tweets, the platform will also display commentary from experts and other updates. Meanwhile, this could also open the doors to new partnerships which could see BBC bring in more content to the platform. Considering the popularity of the BBC, Twitter could well see user engagement rise.

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