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Nintendo Switch, the Japanese gaming giant’s hybrid gaming console has today been provided a much-needed boost. And no, the major announcement does not come from Nintendo this time around, but its share price has been ignited due to the same. Third-party game developer Capcom today announced that it will bring its widely popular (mostly in Japan, not in the West) RPG gaming phenomenon, i.e Monster Hunter, to the new hybrid console.

The latest installment of the gaming series will be called Monster Hunter XX, where the XX do not represent the twentieth version of the game. They have instead been branded as Double Cross and carry some more weight for die-hard fans. It will be an expanded version of Monster Hunter Generations, which was released as a 3DS-exclusive earlier last year. The title is presently expected to be rolled out in Japan, with no exact info on global availability.

Monster Hunter first touched base in 2004, with a release on the PlayStation 2. It has since been ported to several consoles and is one of the most popular titles in Japan since the times of the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) and PS Vita. But, Nintendo is known to have bagged a significant deal when this series jumped over to the 3DS console.

The game has enabled both the hardware giants sell millions of their devices and the same could also prove to be true for Nintendo Switch. It has already been performing well and has broken sales records in the West as well. Nintendo Switch has proven to be the most successful console for the Japanese developer in its first month in the U.S. Industry researcher NPD Group revealed that the new device has sold 906,000 units in North America — since its launch on March 3.

And since the release of a third-party gaming title as huge as ‘Monster Hunter’ is a significant news for the Japanese gaming giant and has attracted investors towards itself. The business is booming and the share prices have skyrocketed to an eight-year high to achieve a price point of around 33,510 JPY. This is massive 5 percent increase from the previous day’s closing price and adds to the company’s recent growth figures.

There is presently no information on when Monster Hunter XX lands on Nintendo Switch. But, Capcom will share insights into the same on Saturday i.e 27th May during the Monster Hunter Championship event. The wait is only a day long and we can hold down out high horse until then.

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