Amazon’s Fire TV is pretty popular, all things considered. The company has apparently come to the conclusion that the Fire TV service now merits its own Television set. The world’s first set with the Fire TV setup built in is now available for pre-order.

The device is named Amazon Fire TV edition –so no scope of any confusions there — and it is available for pre-order through the Amazon homepage.  The device has been manufactured by South Carolina-based Element Electronics and you will need to shell out somewhere around $449 for a 43-inch model.

A 4K device that also packs Amazon’s own service? Well, that makes for a very interesting — and impressive — combination. Add to it the rather affordable price point and you have a potential winner. Of course, a lot also depends on the quality of the television but I think we can trust Amazon to have not made too many compromises where its debut Fire TV product is concerned.

The TV will open doors to as many as 300,000 TV shows and movies brought to you by Amazon, Netflix, HBO Showtime, Hulu and Sling TV. You will also receive a voice controlled remote that can be used to access Alexa services. And the Alexa experience is likely to be good, not to mention that it gives Amazon yet another way to enter your house if you haven’t already purchased one of its Echo, or Tap devices.

The deice will be made available to brick and mortar stores but that won’t be until June. And while there will be larger television sets available, the price will significantly go up as well. For instance, a 65-inch set will require you to shell out $899. Prime members get free shipping as always if they chose to purchase the product from Amazon and you could also get a free HD antenna.

So yeah, while those already with a 4K TV might chose to go with a cheaper $90 Fire TV or the $40 Fire TV Stick, those who are looking to move into 4K for the first time might find this hardware a good choice.

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