After the likes of Facebook and Instagram, Spotify is the latest company to start taking a leaf out of Snapchat’s book. The company has now announced a new feature that will let users create and share unique barcodes. Each of these barcodes will respond to some specific music and scanning the same will allow users to play music.

You can scan these Spotify codes using a new camera in Spotify app’s search bar. The company will share more information on the same come Monday, but what we do know is that Spotify codes will allow users to share music with each other more easily and  artists to promote their work to the masses.

So how do we start using the feature? Simply tap the three dots that are visible on the right side of the screen while some music plays in the background, or when an artist or playlist is visible on your screen. When you do, you will be able to pull up the Spotify code for the song, artist or playlist.

You can also scan any code you see on a smartphone, computer screen or a print out and get some music rolling. The feature could prove to be really useful in face of the fact that Spotify has removed the in-app messaging service. Now, users were required to use apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and so on to share links to the music they want their friends to listen to. The process was unnecessarily tedious though and with these QR codes, things will get a lot easier.

This could well allow people and specially, artists to make statements by making their profile pictures and so on out of these Spotify codes. Hardcore Linkin Park fan? Show your love by setting up a profile picture that plays one of their songs when someone scans it.

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