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A fresh survey conducted by Experian and Creative Strategies point towards a very satisfied Airpod consumer base. The survey polled a total of 942 AirPod owners and of these, 92 percent reported themselves either satisfied or very satisfied with the AirPods.

While 92 percent AirPod owners reported themselves as very satisfied, 16 percent said that they found the AirPods to their liking — giving the AirPods a satisfaction score of 98 percent, which is pretty impressive considering that you had a relatively large subset of 942 owners. That is almost 926 satisfied customers out of the 942 polled!

According to Creative Strategies, this is the highest level of satisfaction ever achieved from an Apple product till date. Previously, this record was held by the Apple Watch, which had a satisfaction rate of around 97 percent.

The survey also used another benchmark called Net promoter score, which gives information regarding how likely a customer is to recommend a particular product to others. The AirPod excelled here as well and nabbed a score of 75, which is pretty awesome.

We used a standard benchmark question called a Net Promoter Score, which ranks a consumer’s willingness to recommend the product to others. This ranking is on a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being extremely likely to recommend and 0 being not likely at all to recommend. It was this number that surprised me. Apple’s Net Promoter Score for AirPods came back as 75. To put that into context, the iPhone’s NPS number is 72. Product and NPS specialists will tell you anything above 50 is excellent and anything above 70 is world class.

The words which came up most often during conversations regarding the AirPods were:

  • Magic
  • Sound Quality
  • Convenient
  • Love
  • Good Sound
  • Battery Life

So there you have it. The sound quality, battery life and convenience were pegged as the factors which made the AirPods a winner.

The statistics are somewhat less surprising than what they would have been for some other company and for some other product. Apple’s products may be expensive but they are invariably premium and the AirPods are no exception. You can read more about the survey by going here.

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