Infosys has today launched a next-gen artificial intelligence Platform, ‘Infosys Nia’, which has been developed to acquaint its clients with AI and other emerging technologies. Considering the success of both Infosys’ first-generation AI platform Mana and its Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution, AssistEdge. Nia has been created by Infosys to tap the futile AI market in the country.

This new platform integrates big data, analytics, machine learning, knowledge management, and cognitive automation capabilities of Mana; end-to-end RPA capabilities of AssistEdge; machine learning capabilities of Skytree; and optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to offer services to clients. It is capable of forecasting revenues, analysing market trends, understanding customer behaviour, perceiving the content of contracts, legal documents and complying them.

Talking about Infosys Nia, Dr Vishal Sikka, Chief Executive Officer, Infosys quoted in a press release,

We could clearly see that there was much more potential, an unlimited potential, in bringing AI to our clients’ most sophisticated and complex business problems, as they work toward a vision of bringing technology to every aspect of their businesses. Nia, the next generation of our AI platform now takes our purposeful approach to AI, one in which technology serves to amplify people and empowers them to work in new ways, to new heights. 

The platform has been leveraged and integrated with a broad set of artificial intelligence technologies, supporting Infosys’ clients in the transformation of their businesses. This can enhance the order-to-cash process, expedite resolution of disputes, predict anomalies, prevent disputes, and enable better visibility. Appended with a self-service conversational interface, Nia can create knowledge models of multiple, complex labour contracts.

It can also create a customer genome based on internal and external data sources to help develop targeted messaging, accurately identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities, offer personalised solutions and improve customer satisfaction. Nia is available to order immediately.

Speaking of Nia, Dr. Tom Reuner, Senior Vice-President, HFS Research said,

The modular set up of Infosys Nia allows for more flexibility when addressing diverse sets of use cases. On this journey, Infosys’ expansive AI and cognitive computing capabilities provide customers with solutions that put data at the centre of their service delivery strategies. While it might sound trite, data really is becoming the new currency.

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