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Google Home constantly seeks to exert its influence in the voice-based AI assistant space either by introducing new features or by offering time to time updates for fixes. In a similar attempt today, Google has now introduced a new feature which will help Home users to cook smoothly while following the recipe at their own pace.

This handy new feature is capable of reading a recipe aloud along with playing music while you cook. All you need to do is search the recipe you wish to cook either through Google’s Search app or via Google Assistant. Then tap on the ‘Send to Google Home button’, once you find one. And just like other features, once you utter ‘Ok Google, start cooking’, the recipe will automatically blare out of your speakers. The AI-based speaker will start reading out the recipe for you, while your concentration remains at the stove.

In case, you skip a step, you can even ask the speaker to repeat the instruction and similarly, you can ask it to move ahead. Not only it is capable of converting measurements but can also assist you in deciphering complex cooking terms of the recipe. You can listen to music while cooking, being played on the speaker itself simultaneously or perform any other task under the reach of Google Home.

Currently, the company has added about 5 million recipes for the functionality of the feature, which is expected to accelerate in the future. The feature is especially useful for users passionate about cooking and aspiring chefs across the globe. Considering the multitasking abilities and rewind and forward toggles, the speaker certainly deserves an applaud for the developed skill.

Apart from this feature, Google Home now has a quality of distinguishing between different voices and then replying to them with a personalized response. The device can now be possessed and controlled by six people. So, from now on it will be the Google Home, and not your better-half, providing info regarding your day’s schedule. Similar stuff will happen with playlists, shopping lists, travel plans and other personalized info.

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