Bike-sharing service oBike has launched its bike-sharing service in Malaysia’s Klang Valley. The company is all set to introduce the station-less biking service to the area. Claiming to have tens of thousands of users in the nation, the service is priced at MYR1 (US$0.23) per 15 minutes in Malaysia.

Ng Yong Ching, Business Launcher of oBike, commented in an official statement,

We developed oBike to provide a sustainable, convenient short-distance transportation solution that will save people time and energy while avoiding traffic jams in Klang Valley.

The Singapore-headquartered firm is moving ahead pretty fast. It launched in the Lion city in January and went ahead with the trial in February. Then, it officially commenced its service this month with about a thousand bikes on the road along with a few improvements to their app.

oBike faces severe competition in Singapore as Chinese firms MoBike and ofo have entered into the market. However, it is going to have the advantage in Malaysia as none of them is present in the market as of now. The most important issue that the startup will witness is a higher traffic density in the region as compared to Singapore. Regardless of the challenge the traffic will pose, oBike is keen on providing the greener and much convenient solution for inter and intra-city journeys.

The service is absolutely simple to avail. Like other firms, the interested users need to download the oBike mobile app from either the Apple or Google Play Store and register with a phone number. After registering, the oBike app requires a one-time refundable deposit fee which is MYR109 (US$25) for joining the network. Once the fee is paid, the app shows the user the available bicycles around the city.

Each oBike is equipped with a GPS tracker which enables users to search for a bike nearest to them. They can then, scan the QR code that the bicycles have, to deactivate the locks after which they can start riding. Afterward, they can lock up the bike again using the app to complete the trip.

Currently there are oBike bicycles deployed at a number of Klang Valley’s prime locations for commuting convenience, specific locations are slated to announce soon through oBike Malaysia’s official Facebook page. Ng Yong Ching, added,

We are actively engaging with local authorities and partners. This is a sustainable solution that promotes greener cities, less traffic congestion, and more healthy physical activity all at once.

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